Management Consulting

When senior industry executives need innovative strategies that optimize decision-making, they look to NEAT. Our consultants have decades of industry knowledge and expertise. It’s a solid and powerful combination that enables NEAT to anticipate trends, focus on the greatest value-at-stake issues and opportunities, and deliver sustainable, forward-thinking strategies that set our clients apart from their peers

Market Positioning and Growth Strategy

NEAT works with companies to develop growth strategies. We know how to assess existing business portfolios and investment opportunities and identify those that offer the greatest opportunity for capturing high-return. We also know how to apply our market and regulatory insights to identify opportunities for our client’s particular circumstance. We work with management teams to identify implementation requirements and risks and to outline performance metrics and targets. Our consultants also work with senior management to help communicate growth strategies to all company staff and stakeholders.

Merger Analysis and Integration

NEAT helps clients realize the maximum value from a merger, acquisition, or divestiture through a well-defined framework:
For a merger or integration to be successful, executives must work together to redefine the new organization. A failed integration often results in financial losses and decreased employee morale, and could also put the future of the company at risk. We work with you to do evaluate the company being bought or the re-structuring of yours to insure you are ready.